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Such a really good game. My son and I really enjoyed it. Good work.


Best thing about this game was the graphics! Love where you could take this game! 

this game was so fire. The graphics actually exceeded my expectations.

This game is very well made and fun, really makes me want to play more!

conversation is with a gun

I liked the game. The ambiance and sound of the game was just right. Congratulations on your game 👏

Gameplay PT-BR

I had fun playing Apex Legends in this game lol

Increible juego, es realmente aterrador, el unico detalle que encontre es que el candado de la puerta se buguea varias veces y toca reiniciar para arreglarlo, pero al no saber si es la contraseña correcta te quedas atorado mucho tiempo, quitando ese detalle es un buen juego

This was such a great way to end of the lost tapes series! So well made and clean! Great job! 

loved the series and love the game 

This was really good. A complete game definetly. I now want to watch the Chimpy Chippa's tapes. Made a spanish gameplay about this, hope you like it!

What an insanely unique and freaky experience! I really thought it was amazing! It was the second game I played in this video :D

This game was made for a horror game!

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Wow this game freaked me out lol

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Above is my experience, if interested, below are my thoughts!!

Brilliant game, very well made, lighting was very well done, abit too much green but i get it symbolises night time, really enjoyed it and the sounds and feel were great too, great textures, great use of hallways and corridors, always expecting a scare due to the atmosphere and vibe, but couldve probably made it abit less chaotic in the diner section at the end when caught by adding some sort of scare factor but i loved the vibe of being trapped and having to keep away alot, added so much suspense, i 100% recommend!! thanks for making this. i look forward to seeing more.

Game was very good and well made! The atmosphere and models used are great! Hope there will be a follow up game being made :)


Was very good. I love the creepy vibe and the story. I hope there will be another game being made for this

Really liked the world this game is in. It encouraged me to watch the webseries, which I enjoyed a lot.

I really want to play this game but it's too laggy for me is there any way to fix that 

Great job with the game! It's pretty creepy and spooked me quite a few times!


As an original viewer of the youtube series, this makes me really happy to see! Good work!

Honestly a very interesting game.  I really enjoyed it and had to finish it

As someone who didn't really watch too many of the videos before this game really made me want to! Such a creepy atmosphere and a great story! Loved this game, great work!


No-commentary playthrough:

I thought it would be cool to include the tapes in my playthrough for people who missed out on them previously (like I did until I played this game!). I think it turned out kinda neat. Enjoy, chefs!


Very well made horror experience! I want more! :) 

Really great experience, heavily enjoyed the feel of the game, but there were some parts that lack polish. Now I am very curious about the web series and want to find out more about the lore.

i want to play at this game but my computer don' t  download this :(

So impressed with this game. This was so polished for an indie horror game! 10/10 great atmosphere, great visuals, great scares! 

Hunted by a hungry monkey. great game

This game looks great! Had a jumpscare get me real good at one point which in my book was a huge win. If you like a short 20 minute game that keeps you interested and scared then this is it!

Very creepy, great job. 

Just got done playing and I cant believe how good this was the level of polish and depth of creativity I'm about to got watch all the "lost tapes" for you Analog series on YT here my Vid for my reaction/ thoughts Great game I hope you make  more in the future FNAF levels of hype maybe??? 

Completely not what I was expected and I'm glad it was a change of pace!

impressive game, a lot of tension (especially the part where you have to shoot the shadow with the gun) I hope they continue to create more games like this

This game was a masterpiece! I seriously loved this game and I had so much fun playing the game! I never heard of Chimpy Chippas but now I plan on checking out the webseries! GREAT JOB SPRINGTOK PICTURES. Now please. make MOARR! 

This Monkey had me on the edge of my seat 🥹

9/10 this is one of the few games I felt nervous

I hope you guys like my commentary because it's worth the watch 😁

Super Solid horror game! Jump scares, lore, locked doors and puzzles cant get better than that.
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